You've GOT to be Kidding!

SPOILER ALERT - don't read unless you have read up to chapter 5 in Scenting Spring (I's 58%).

I am sitting here having lunch with Shannon and discussing the absolute CRAZY that has gone on in the last few chapters. All this turmoil...all this strife...all this DEATH...and now they are going to let a few cackling Russian women get in the way?? This is madness!!!

I am also wondering what happened with Dimitri. Please God - tell me he didn't rape Tania. I will be devastated.

HOW awesome was it when Shura showed up and Tania knocked the table over to get to him???? Sigh. What a story. I am absolutely smitten with this book.

I leave you with this hilarity. I was bitching to Shannon and saying "Dasha said they haven't been together since August so hey MUST have been having sex!" and Shannon said "Yes but honey, remember, they did it quick back then! They do it in the trees! And on benches! It was fast."

Chew on THAT!

And PS - Shannon and I were contemplating making a video and I said "Oh no - Tracey might not like that...but I'll just say 'oh be quiet, Dasha!'". ;). Can't wait until she reads the book and sees this.


  1. Carol,
    I'm on my 3rd reread of this book and only NOW do I understand that Dasha said "August", and the war started in June. I'm just sick. Really. I think I'm about to barf. I HONESTLY thought nothing was going on in that bedroom. Yuck.

    My only comfort is that Dasha had about 5minutes left before she "keeled" MAYBE, just MAYBE she wasn't thinking straight? Couldn't remember clearly? Was trying to torture Tania?


  2. Hmmm Since Carol not reading these maybe I can ask/say something that hasn't happened yet where she is.

    But I thought Alexander says later he never did have sex with her after meeting Tania. So do we believe Alexander or a near-death Dasha? I don't know now.

  3. Didn't he say somewhere that he never touched Dasha after Luga? I get really confused with this sometimes, but I'm wonderig if there is a difference between the book and the e-version, probably not though.

  4. I am so tortured by this book! Carol, I should have know better than to pick one of your suggestions. I'm getting nothing done... again! Now that I've vented... Carol, thank you for suggesting this book! I cannot wait to get to it every night!

    I refuse to imagine Dasha and Alexander together. I'm in a heavenly place right now and would rather not think about anything else. But how can he possibly have proposed?! She must have coerced him during a moment of weakness... yuk

    Uhhh, I can totally picture Shannon talking about the sex in trees...LOL!

  5. I need brain bleach right now just thinking about Dasha and Alexander. Absolutely made me SICK! You'll get through it. Keep trudging through...although the "brave and indifferent face" kills me!!

  6. *Lalalalalalalala* I don't like to think of this part! It makes me wanna puke, although I'm not really sure why since Tatia seems okay with it overall. LOL. She moved on faster than I did.

    Let's rewind though and speak about their reunion. It was AWESOME! Seriously. Best moment ever. I also think Paullina can write a fight seen like nobody else. She's torturously good.

    Mercedes, you are so lucky to be reading this for the first time. I'm so jealous.

  7. Mercedes,
    Shura was just playing checkers with Dasha. That's it. End of story. I mean, what else could they have been doing???????? Uhg. Barf.

  8. This is why I really didn't like the first part of the book. To compare it to Outlander, the whole Alexander and Dasha thing would be like Jamie loving Claire, but boinking Leghair and Claire knowing it. It is can't-get-over-able.