Spoiler Alert:  Don't read unless you have read 93% of The Bronze Horseman.

Alexander wants Sayers to tell Tania he's dead!!!!!  Oh my GOD!!!  I NEVER saw THIS coming!  Holy shite - I am FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!

No friggin WONDER I have to have the next book the second I'm finished with this one!!! Thank GOD for the KINDLE!!!!!!!!

Oh my god - please please PLEASE tell me I'm not going to have to spend half the next book not knowing where Alexander is.  Or watching him rot away in jail.  And she's not going to be able to get to him!  And meanwhile - she's not going to go to the US without him anyway...let's be honest.

Oh CRAP I am sick over this!!!  Isn't it delicious?!?


  1. Oh boy...

    Did you say you had a Kleenex factory nearby?

  2. OMG you guys - I had no idea how heart wrenching it would be. I talked to Shannon (MOP friend) who is at about 75% and I had to wear my poker face so she wouldn't know something bad was coming. I was like Shura during his last visit with Tania! I think I did a pretty good job! :) Can't wait to start the next one tomorrow!

  3. Carol,

    I feel for you... a really tough emotional read for me... I love Tania, maybe more than Claire, and that's saying something!

  4. I just passed this part, and I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach right now... (Though I'm not feeling as sick as I was thinking of him alone with Dasha earlier in the book, but still, not feeling great.)

    BTW, Dimitri can't be trusted for one hot second, and if Alexander things that he's going to help Tania get from Helsinki to Stockholm he's completely lost his mind. Dimitri's going to either dump her off or try to kill her the second he doesn't need her anymore. Come on, Dr. Sayers, you've gotta come through for us here!!