Help! I've Fallen and I Have No Desire to Get Up!

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you're at about 27% on your reading device and Tatia has dared to stand up for herself.

My review is below.  But for right now, I am out of control.  If you loved "Twilight" - go ahead and read this.  If you hated it, don't even bother because you may vomit on your own shoes.

I am completely and utterly obsessed with this book.  I can't get it out of my head.  I keep hearing things in my daily life (at the grocery class...etc) and mistaking them for words in the book.  Funny things...that I'll be damned if I can remember now.

How is this book like Twilight?  Well - I think I hear Alexander talking to me...the same way Edward did.  Not often enough to have me committed...but once or twice when I'm down on myself and all I can hear is Alexander telling me not to be down on myself.  I have to believe this is an aftershock from the massive earthquake of things I've seen him say to Tatiana over the last few days...but still.  It's slightly left of sane, yes?  And that, my dear friends, is why I must SPEW to all of YOU on a daily, oh who am I kidding, HOURLY basis.

So get this - I have a friend coming to stay tomorrow and I know I won't be able to read too much.  And I have a ton of housework to do to get ready for her visit.  AND I have Outlander chat tonight (at 9PM Eastern at My Outlander Purgatory - nothing like a good plug!) So I'm trying sooo hard to get my work finished so I can read at SOME POINT today/tonight because I am dying.  SO dying.  I'm only blogging because I stopped for lunch.  But - where am I now?

Well girlfriend was feeling much the same way *I* was last night and she spoke up and told her parents she heard them talking about Pasha and her.  She told her mother she heard her say "Why couldn't it be our Tatiana?"  which ROCKED.  And her father hit her.  And Alexander was having NONE of that.  And Dasha went to hit her and he shut girlfriend right the eff down as well.  It was sooooo dreamy and heroic that I didn't even CARE that he's giving Dasha the big American beef injection every night...oh no I did not.  I was just enamored of Alex and his defense of Tatia.  Which she DESERVED because her family treats her like the crap you clean out of your toilet bowl.  Thank god for him - and thank god for Tatia - because he needs her as much as she needs him.  They recognize what the other has gone through and they draw strength from each other in so many ways.  I just wish he'd tell Dasha "goodbye" for good - because I can't take one more second of their escapades in Tania's bedroom.  OH and how about when he went up to the roof to look for Tania and Dasha came out and saw them!!!  Oh I was like "Oh yeah...Oh yeah...That's right...Uh huh...In your face!"  I can't WAIT until she finds out.  Which is horrible because she's never done anything wrong...other than be bitchy to Tatia.  If you think about it, poor Dasha is really the only one who hasn't done anything wrong - except, again, be rude to Tania.  I truly feel bad for her.  But not bad enough to really care too much.  ("Honey badger don't care"!)

OH and have you noticed I keep calling these characters different things?  Tania...Tatiana...Tatia...Could that be because Paullina has about 17 names for everyone?  It's so hard to keep straight!  It reminds me of my Irish great aunts who have 45 names for each other.  Aunt Mary was also "Mini"..."Minerve"..."MinervA"...or then there was Aunt Gone who was also "Margone" and "Marguerite" just have to keep your head down - run right in - and pray you know who's who!


  1. OK... now, please allow me to mentor you at this point. If you do not have the next book, Tatiana and Alexander purchased then run, don't wait, RUN and get it RIGHT NOW. Download it, order it, purchase it, beg, borrow or steal it... Because if you don't you will have an absolute panic attack when you are at 99% on your kindle.

    Seriously. Got it? Ok... now, read.

  2. Christie - Great advice! I'd say Carol needs to invest in The Summer Garden as well.

    And protective and chivalrous Alexander makes me all tingly inside, LOL!

  3. That was the funniest effing video I've seen in a long time!! I'd love to show it to my boys but the language is a little too much ;-)

    Love when Shura gets all protective. At this point, didn't Dasha have a clue?? Oh wait, she's busy with the All-American beef injections!!

  4. I swear... this is about to make me put down what I am reading and pick this back up again. Y'all are killing me. BTW... if I don't see y'all at MOP chat tonight it won't be because I don't wanna be there. :(

  5. Jennifer,
    too funny! One of my friends called me and said, "Can't they just sit Dasha down and explain...........". Another friend kept texting me to let me know where she was in the book (we all need a shoulder to cry on with these "big" books) and she would end each text with "AND HE'S STILL WITH DASHA!". It's physically painful.

    I guess Tatiana is a scared 17yr. old, who really knows nothing about love. She has pretty sucky role models, after all. I didn't really "get" that part of the story until I did a reread.

    BTW, what is MOP chat?

  6. I'm wanting to put down what I am reading and reread this again as well!

    I'm sure some of you may have been over here but this is the forum for the whole TBH series on Paullina Simons website. It's not very active anymore but there are a lot of great old discussion to peruse.

    And speaking of Alexander - did you know there is a big fan base for Henry Cavill to play him if they ever did a movie? Which is just AWESOME to me because he's been like #1 on my "hot" list for awhile now.

    You guys should go on youtube and look at some of the fan made trailers.

    I really like this one but don't watch unless you've finished the book!

    And doesn't Alexander and Jamie for that matter totally trump Edward and Matthew? lol

  7. Brandy,
    I have visited many times!! Some of those youtube videos are awesome!!

    Did you read the part where Paullina discusses the difference between "A Bridge To Holy Cross" and "Tatiana and Alexander"? I think I'm going to order ABTHC!!

    if your friend was a REAL friend, she'd pick up BH, too!! Oh, and Honey badger's narrator was waaaaaay to funny!!

  8. Omigoodness, between All American Beef and Honey Badger this site ruled the school today!
    Honey badger is hysterical. He really is a badass!

    I wish all the TBH sites out there hadn't kind of petered out - seeing Carol blog TBH and seeing everyone comment is one of the first active areas I've seen for TBH chatter! Except that rad facebook page for Henry Cavill as Alexander :-)

    And, I do feel bad for Dasha :-( as much as she irritates the hell out of me. you'd think with all the war and mayhem and famine something this small would be easy to get over, you know? Ah well. Love.

  9. PS, seeing you blog by Kindle percentage is especially funny! Love it!

  10. Jennifer - I have heard that and I should order it and read that instead of T&A next time around. I actually like the name A Bridge to Holy Cross better - it's more interesting!

  11. OMG - but how funny is it that the word verification code I had to put in for the above thread was "Shera" umm....hello Shura!?! lol

  12. I was just about to start a new book when Carol started blogging about this. Her excitement is contagious and I've picked up TBH and I'm reading along with her again. There is no dull part of this book, imo, once you get past the first chapter.

    Are any of you from Canada? Cause when I got T&A from the library, it was the same as TBTHC. When I got the book from the book store, it was the condensed version. might have luck at the library. Just look for T&A with the epilogue.

    CAROL!!! I just KNEW that you would love Alexander again when he protected Tatiana. That scene is perfect. She gets so much courage from him. I love when she was standing behind that gorgeous, strong, man, yelling at her parents!!! I was cheering! Oh, and when Dasha touched her when Alexander had left, and he came barging back in. It. hot!!!!

    A few things you have not mentioned:
    -defining love
    -your thoughts on Dima and Alexander's friendship

    See you at the chat. I need to swing my thoughts back to Jamie but I'm a little wound up!

    Oh, and I really don't know why you're cleaning your house when you have this book to read! :)

  13. @Brandy, I forgot to mention that Henry Cavill IS my Alexander! He's so perfect. I pictured him the entire time I read the book.

  14. I loooooved when Alexander stood up for Tatia when her family was smacking her around. I have this whole love/hate thing with Alexander (mostly love, but whatever). He does some stupid things, but then redeems himself. I have some problems with him later on again.

  15. Brandy,
    you are such a bad influence on me! I just ordered it!!(TBTHC) I beat ya! Ha.

    yes, I'm from central Canada. The books at my library are T&A. Paullina explains the difference on her website. (I don't want to say what those differences are because we don't want to SPOIL the series for those who haven't read it!! But in a nutshell, TBTHC is loooooonger............and size DOES matter.)

  16. Hi Jennifer. I know what you're saying, but the copy of Tatiana and Alexander at my library was the exact same as TBTHC. It is much longer, with an epilogue. The one I bought at Chapters was the shorter one. I just wanted people to be aware that some copies of Tatiana and Alexander were published that way. My friend lives in Ontario, and she found the same thing at her library. They even had the same ISBN number as TBTHC, I think.

    I read both versions. Loved them both.

    I hope I'm making sense. :)

  17. So excited you guys are reading this book, just need to catch up:) Jen

  18. Hildy,
    Really???? Wow, no the one I got was definitely not the one described on Paullina's site. That is good to know though. I'm sure EVENTUALLY all of these books will be available in Canada and the USA.

    I logged onto "chat" tonight........2hours late! Luckily, there were still 3 people left to laugh at me! Any talk of BH? Just curious..........