My Soul is Black

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you have read up until page 1 of Book 2 - The Golden Door in The Bronze Horseman.  (53% on your electronic device.)

The entire time Dasha was dying I was like "Please.  PLEASE!  Let her DIE!"  I don't think I've ever felt that way about any character, other than murderers and rapists (and maybe Rosalie Cullen).  And I felt guilty for feeling it...but I did anyway!  And I'm so STUPID - I didn't realize Alexander said he never loved Tatia because he KNEW Dasha was dying and wanted to give her - and Tatia - some peace.  Wow...what a powerful scene.  And I am positively giddy!

And that is so wrong of me...because all Dasha is guilty of is being a) a dumbass who wasn't very quick on the romantic uptake and b) a major beotch to her sister.  She really doesn't deserve my death wish...oh no siree.  Oh and c) akin with Leonardo di Caprio, now that she's slowly floating downward through the water like Jack Dawson.

And that is soooo ridiculous of me...because this book is only half over.  So where Dasha leaves off, something - or someone - will come and take her place as the wedge between Alexander and Tatia.

And you is something else.  Tatia's entire family is dead (although I'm still holding out hope for Pasha) and all I can think of is "Oh yey!! Smiles and unicorns!  Tatia and Shura can be together now!"  How incredibly WRONG is that?!?  You know how people always joke that they'll be driving the bus to hell?  Yeah.  You know it.  Someone get me a uniform.


  1. I have to admit I was thinking "Hurry up and die, already!" I had forgotten the three in the bed together scenario.
    Are you going to blog about the sequel, too? I haven't read that one yet.

  2. I KNOW! I felt so bad for Tatiana, but ultimately Dasha was a major roadblock and was literally the last person in the world who couldn't see the Tatiana-Shura connection! I was also relieved to see her go and see Tatiana set free from the three's company setting. Hell on earth!

  3. Ha! I thought those same things.... and didn't feel nearly as guilty as you! I was just glad she was gone.

  4. It's completely unbelievable to me how people lived in Russia during WWII. I can't even begin to imagine a life like that. What an eye opener. Everyday I have thought of Tatiana living in those two rooms with her family. Especially when I go upstairs to "get away" from the kids. Or send my kids to the basement to play... I think- Tatiana had no where to go. And then I think millions of people lived her life for real! And when I think of her going through all the loss. It's just totally unimaginable. I wish teachers taught with books like this... I would have learned way more and been way more interested in school. Maybe they do now?

    Anyway, that is mostly what I have taken from this amazing book