Oh. Em. JEEpers!!!!!

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you're 23% on your Kindle or reading device!!!!!!



(That's almost 3 miles for us American dumbasses.)

Deep breath...deep breath...deep breath...

Any of you who put this book down early on?  PICK the f*cker back up again right effing now!  (Sorry - I get a little saucy when I'm excited.  And by saucy, I don't mean drunk.  Haven't touched a drop!  Shannon, on the other hand, is drinking something with Firefly Skinnytea Vodka  that she swears tastes like sweet tea.  She was at 12% last time I heard.  We're power-reading this because it's so damned good.)


  1. Why is this blog making me so darn happy right now!!!! I found myself clapping at my computer screen at your excitement!!! I'm such a nerd. THIS is when the book starts getting fabulous!!!

    If you like angst, Carol, just wait. I lost hours of sleep over this book. Everyone I know stayed up til 2am reading this.

    I need to go and get one of my copies of this book (I have a bit of an obsession. I have 4 copies and I can't even tell you why.) I love getting a bargain.

  2. Ahhhhhhhh, Outlander fans lovin' BH. My universe once again makes sense.

  3. Hi Carol- I'm a friend of Hildy's, she told me about this blog and I'm so happy she did. You are funny!
    Like Hildy, I'm thrilled you are enjoying this book! Along with Outlander and Jamie and Claire, these characters, Alexander and Tatiana, own me. It's an amazing ride!


    (I told you so. I've told you so ever since last summer.)

    There. I said it. I told her. And I predicted it.

    (Clapping hands and laughing...)

  5. Oh, Jennifer J., Hildy and Christie, I am with you guys. I really believed that the Outlander-TBH synergy cross-pollination would manifest and it did!
    Carol exhorting readers to Pick this f'er back up? Yaaay! I just have one q: is Tracey on board with the TBH read? It will be worth it, I swear it! Alexander and Tatia have it over Jondalar and Ayla any decade (OK, but don't permanently ditch Clan of The, it remains a rad book).

  6. This is so fun! I think we're needing a TBH chat!

    I just picked up TBH and started reading where Carol is, and now I'm just waiting for her next reaction! :) I think another blog will be coming soon.

    Hi Diane! Glad you made it over here!

  7. What a difference a couple of days makes! I dragged my family (husband and 3kids ages 3, 7 and 16) this weekend to our first ever Scottish Highland Games (in Glasgow KY) where everything in this tiny farm town is Scottish related all year round. Wonder if the town was founded by Scots? must have been. I wanted to go to a Scottish festival for the past two years, since I started reading Outlander. It was great fun and the kilts were verra nice.

    When I was finished reading Outlander I had to search for another series of epic proportions that included history and romance with substance. Somehow I came across TBH and I fell in love again! Since I cannot find any Russian Festivals to attend locally I am just going to have to plan a trip to St. Petersburg. Anyone wanna go?

    Funny enough, I started reading Twilight because my then 14 yr old daughter thought it was so great. I got hooked big time and trying to find something else to read I googled " if you liked Twlight you might like..." and came across Outlander and shortly there after found My Outlander Purgatory with Carol reading at the same point I was. that was so much fun. then googled "if you liked Outlander" and came across The Bronze Horseman. I have tried to find my next epic series but nothing has panned out. I tried Clan of the Cave Bear and made it through three books and just could not do it anymore.

    So another re-read of TBH along with Carol is just what I needed right now!

    By the way, Carol... You may have a fought time finding the next two books in this series. Plan ahead girlfriend! You DO NOT want to be waiting around for Amazon to mail you books 2 and 3! I got mine from Abe Books.com. hard back versions (all three) for a steal, like $40 total!


  8. The books were hard to find but I think it may be getting easier. The Summer Garden is being released in paperback on June 21st. I, too, had to get it from Abebooks last summer.

  9. Ok my spelling is awful on this IPad! Auto fill is my nemesis! And now I've logged in as a follower this time so I could post as something other than "Anonymous". I meant to say above that you may have a tough time finding books 2 and 3. Not a fought time. Lol.

    Also, I am not sure if what I read on the Nook reviews for TBH was correct but there were several posts that said there were parts of the book MISSING! I was not willing to miss anything so I checked TBH out from the library to read it instead of chancing it on the Nook. Not sure if the same
    is true with Kindle.

  10. Sirena,
    "the Outlander-TBH synergy cross-pollination would manifest"! Ha! That's something you don't hear very often...........but SO true! I was utterly mystified by the other Outlander fans (all 2 of them) who thought this book was boring???? I still think they must have read a different book.......

    You NEED "Tatiana's Table". You absolutely MUST HAVE it. Seriously. When I bought it from Abe Books a few months ago, there was like 3 left. You cannot find it anywhere. Honestly. BUY THE BOOK. GET IT. NOW.

  11. Have had the worst trouble posting a comment, but things look right now. I'm so happy you're reading this book!! I knew you'd enjoy the angst and tension. I suggest a toast with Vodka a chaser of pickles!

  12. OMG where have I been all week? I come on Outlander Purgatory which leads me to this! I've been hyping these books for so long and am thrilled you are reading them! They are seriously my 2nd fave after Outlander.

    Do you have all the other books ready to go? I had an awful time tracking down The Summer Garden years ago. And I INSIST you all get Tatiana's Table - there are a bunch of chronological short stories that go with the series that you have to read. Not to mention all the awesome recipes. DH and I made the really complicated mac n cheese recipe in it and we happened to have people over and they said it was the best Mac n cheese they've ever eaten!

    Anyway.. I'm so excited you are reading it and can't wait to follow along!

  13. Brandy,
    I MADE that Mac and cheese recipe too! Wasn't it delicious! I added like twice the amount of macaroni though..........that's a whole lotta cheese. We ate it for daaaaaaaays. (thank gooodness, b/c it costs like a billion dollars for all the ingredients). Try the pot roast. We just sat at our table moaning. It is so good. Afterwards, I apologised to my family for 14 years of crappy pot roasts.

  14. I read TBH in hardcover from the library and ended up buying the paperback version to keep, read Tatiana and Alexander on Kindle, and bought Summer Garden from Ebay UK (lucked out and got an inexpensive copy) because I didn't want to wait the six months til the June release date :-)
    So happy to hear Tatiana's Table is great - I found a not too expensive copy online (maybe Alibris? not sure) and am anxiously awaiting it! Can't wait!

    PS, does anyone have a book/series recommendation for those who have already done Outlander, Twi, and TBH? :-)

  15. @Sirena, Have you tried the Tea Rose series by Jennifer Donnelly? I enjoyed very much.

  16. Oops! I meant, I enjoyed IT very much.

    Maybe I was saying it in my thick Russian accent! :)

  17. I 2nd the recommendation for the Tea Rose series. Not as steamy if I recall, but a good historical story with romance.

    @Hildy..after reading TBH, I spoke with a heavy Russian accent around the house for quite some time (while berating my children to make sure they ate all the food on their plates.)

  18. @Erin, LOL! That's so funny. My husband has a pretty funny fake Russian accent. He uses it when he's feeling particularly bossy!

    I agree about the Tea Rose. Not quite as steamy but a great story. I love historical fiction. The Wild Rose will be released August 2nd. I was not lucky enough to get an advance copy.

  19. Jennifer J. - I will definitely try the pot roast. I'm an awful cook but luckily my hubby loves it and is good so I'll have to get him to help. I took one look at that mac n cheese receipe and was like "oh honey - I need your help on this one". It was SOOO good though. Mac n cheese is like my favorite food ever so I love trying out new recipes.

  20. Brandy,
    the Beef Stroganoff is to die for! One suggestion my fam had was they wanted smaller pieces of beef (I did pound the beef a bit to tenderize). I was sooooooooo good.

    The Beef Barley soup(pg.165) is fantastic too! Although, I REALLY enjoyed it the second day.

    Oh, and my husband is a HUGE fan of the beergaritas!

    you will have to make a "recipe discussion tab" when you are done the series!!

  21. So, I'm at 25% on my Kindle and am loving this book! It's a page turner. I do get frustrated about the whole Alexander/Dasha thing though. I loved their first bus ride (so descript was her writing) and just finished the scene with the kiss. Anyway, I'm looking forward to discussing this on MOP chat?

  22. Awww..you are so sweet. I'm glad you found me! :)