Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today's the Day!


  1. Carol,

    I downloaded TSG last night at 1 am. I won't be able to read it as fast as you but plan to do my best so I don't miss too many real time discussions.

  2. You guys timed this SO well! even the lag time you had between books must have been annoying.
    I'm definitely trying the reread with you guys so I can keep up with the blog - enjoyyyy!

  3. I've just joined, having read all of the Outlander series and going through withdrawal. I began The Summer Garden this morning and it's wonderful.

  4. Carol - sorry for posting this here. It is probably not the best place for it but...

    I was Googling the word "burzhuika" to see if I could find a picture. This item is the stove Tatiana's family cooked on. What I came across was very interesting and I thought you all might like to see it. It is an entire site that describes in words, photos and videos communal living in the Soviet Union.

    Paullina did a fantastic job describing the scenes to the point that as I watch the videos and look at the pictures I can almost see Tatiana and her family walking around in these rooms. There is even a picture of a dacha.

    Especially vivid to me was picture #2 in "Entry & Hallways". This was the picture I had in my mind of the hallway where Tatiana used to have to step over Crazy Slavin.

    Anyway, it is definately an interesting site to look at - makes me very thankful for what I have! But also try to imagine what these buildings looked like before the revolution - they must have been beautiful.


  5. Wow, great post, JenniferTN!

  6. Wow, Jennifer, what an amazing link. I felt like I could imagine Tatiana playing on that rooftop garden :-( It's so heartbreaking. I know a lot of us come from a lot of different countries but even then, I feel like there's nothing like communal Soviet living to truly drive home how much we have here, how much we take for granted, and the privilege and responsibility of living in this land of plenty!

  7. I bought my copy yesterday. I'm (somehow) waiting to start because I want to reread Tatiana and Alexander first. So far, I've lasted 24 hours, and will probably cave by this weekend.