By the Way

I love Ouspensky. 

Nothing further at this time.


  1. Carol how far are you into the book? I have less than a hundred pages and I am dying to finish!!!!! Jen

  2. Carol, I think I need something further at this time. :)

    Jen, did you finish?

  3. Almost there and just can't stand it that I don't have time to read. It is just so good!!!!!! My husband keeps giving me a hard time about the books. I sure hope we have cell service this week since we are vacationing at the lake. That way I can keep up on the post from you ladies:) Hopefully I can finish tonight.

  4. Carol,
    Congrats!! Your BH blog was "posted" on Paullina Simons Facebook Wall!!

    I absolutely FORBID you from visiting it until you are finished the trilogy......MAJOR spoilers.

    But how exciting!!