T&A Withdrawal

Lorddddd...can you imagine someone stumbling upon this blog entry and not knowing what the blog is about?  T&A indeed. 

OK so I keep forgetting there is a third book.  I keep thinking "Wow I miss Tania and Shura" and then I think "Oh my GOD! There's a whole nother book!"  (By the way, "nother" is a word in the land of my brain. Kindof like my yoga instructor has created the word "ond" for "and + on".  "Ond exhale we lift".)

What will I do when The Summer Garden is over?  I'm already upset and I haven't even read it yet!

Also - I think Shannon and I are going to make a video next week.  It will be a  T&A obsessfest, the likes of which you've never seen. 

AND - you all better get ready because Tracey plans to start The Bronze Horseman as soon as she's finished A Discovery of Witches.  She will be in full-on panic mode in a week or two - and will need us to help her get through it.


  1. Carol, once you have finished you can start going on the forums on PS's website. They aren't all that active anymore but there is SOOO much information and discussions about various things that if anyone can get them started up again - it's you! :)

    Plus there's always Tatiana's Table. That will give you some extra little stories and lots of recipes to try out! :)

  2. I agree. Tatiana's Table is phenomenal. Completely unexpected. Hubby has just requested Beergaritas. Again.

    Paullina has written many Great Big Novels. I've only read "Tully" and "A Song in the Daylight" (I liked both). On her FB page, someone said they are rereading "A Girl in Times Square".........I always pay particular attention when someone says they are "rereading" something.

    Poor Tracey doesn't have a CLUE what she's in for. At least she'll have Carol for therapy.

  3. Jennifer, you did like Tully then? I've had it here in my "to read" pile for ages.

  4. Is Tatiana's Table available in the US?

  5. Brandy,
    yep, I liked it........it's one that I may read again........though, not any time soon. I REALLY want to read "Red Leaves" and "A Girl in Times Square", but I'm not sure which one is first. (I THINK they share the same HERO......I'll have to check pub.dates before I start).

    Was it you that suggested the Dorothy Dunnet books? "Into The Wild"?

  6. Erin,
    I ordered my copy of "Tatiana's Table" from Abe Books (Austrailia!)
    I believe I paid a grand total of $55 (Canadian) for it. Worth every penny. Do some googling and see what you can find. DG mentioned on CS that she often orders from Abe books, so that's where I ended up.

    You could always WAIT for it to be published here.....but if you are a truly obsessed fan, I recommend getting it NOW! (and a box of Kleenex)

  7. I think I paid less than $5 for Tatiana's table used on Amazon.

    Jennifer- I haven't read any of Dorothy Dunnet yet but do have the first in one of the series here to read. The ladies on the compuserve board recommended her. I also have the first couple of Sara Donati's in my pile. I hear she is a big fan of Diana Gabaldon and young Ian makes an appearance in one of the books I think (with DG's permission of course).

  8. I've read Tully and would like to read The Girl in Times Square. I may get to it this summer, if I ever stop rereading TBH series. Tully was tough. I couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards.

    I'm dying to read Tatiana's Table. Paullina said that she was going to have a giveaway with that book in the near future. I might have to give that contest a try.

    I'm glad Tracey is going to read the series soon. I'm also looking forward to the video you are going to make with Shannon. I was so impatient waiting for my copy of TSG to come from the UK that I accidentally spoiled myself by snooping online. Big mistake! I really wish I hadn't done that. :(

  9. Hildy,
    you HAVE NOT read TSG yet??????

  10. Jennifer J,
    oh yes, I've read TSG. At the time, while I was waiting, I spoiled myself. Then, when I was reading, it ruined things for me. My second read was much better.

  11. I can't wait to get Tatiana's Table. I tried reading the online forums for TBH but it's really surprising how not-active the online buzz about this series is. Until Carol and this blog came along, there was really nowhere that grabbed my attention, which is so strange considering how electric this series is.

    That said, I did read Tully and it was a rough read for me. I felt like it was almost a different author! I will definitely read her other stuff, but any author would be lucky to create one pair of characters like Tatia and Shura, much less more, you know?

  12. BTW just one day to go for Summer Garden e-book release (on the first day of summer!)!