Russian jet crash kills 43, many top hockey stars

This is a terribly sad story (that mentions the Volga and Minsk). My heart goes out to the families.

Me Plugging "A Song in the Daylight"

Here is me plugging "A Song in the Daylight" during an Outlander video (my sister) Tracey and I made the other day.

If anyone HAS read this book and is coming to tonight's Outlander Chat at 9PM Eastern...I will be there at 8:45 just itching to discuss!

A Song in the Daylight

Has anyone read A Song in the Daylight?  I finished two days ago and - no matter how hard I try - I cannot begin to kick these characters out of my brain. 

Paullina Simons Discusses the Summer Garden

Just found this on  Check it out!  I've never heard PS interviewed before!  What a treat!  And might I say (and I know Tracey will agree):  Kudos to Paullina on her gorgeous hair.  She is one impressive Curly Girl!