Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bronze Horseman FILM

Sit.  DOWN.  No seriously...you may need to LIE DOWN for this.

Paullina announced today that the Bronze Horseman FILM is going into pre-production by the end of the year!!!!


Apparently ITA Productions is using her script (THANK GOD) and she now has the tedious task of revising it so it will fit into the production company's desired timeframe.  That means cutting scenes, y'all.  But don't be scared.  PAULLINA is doing it...so you know it will get done with conviction by the person who knows the story and characters best.

Last year I had the outstanding opportunity to help revise a script as well as be involved with casting and finally watch the film I worked on come to life on screen.  Let me tell you, it is a daunting task and Paullina has her work cut out for her.  There can be a lot of heartache involved when you have to cut certain scenes, but it has to be done in order to meet running time expectations.  And the casting struggle of who's right for the part vs who's available vs who's interested is a constant source of stress for months.  And you think about all of this 24/7 while trying to live your "regular" life in the pickup line at school and in the checkout line at Shoprite, a la Larissa Stark !  ;)

Bottom line...none of this is going to be easy for Paullina.  Unbelievably rewarding, yes.  But easy?  No way.  So let's all remember to be KIND to her from here on out regarding casting...and what scenes end up on the cutting room floor.

That said, let's discuss, discuss, discuss!


Guess what came today?!?  The copy of Children of Liberty I won in Paullina's contest!!!  I am beyond thrilled!!

My heartfelt THANKS goes out to Paullina Simons for being awesome, as usual, and sending me this book.  I can't WAIT to read it!

Hildy, et al - when do we start?!