Something Wicked This Way Comes

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you have read 31% (up to Chapter 15) of Tatiana and Alexander.

My brain is a big, ol' pile of french fried mush after having read quite a bit yesterday.  This book is so emotional and I am not above crying at any given moment.  I get the most upset when they talk about Tatia being in NYC and missing Alexander and her family.  She's so brave.  I can't imagine doing what she does every day.  And I love that she puts the baby on the chests of the dying soldiers.  How beautiful is that?  She really has a gift.

OK - so I have to throw some predictions out there while they're fresh in my mind.  I tossed and turned last night, wondering how Alexander is eventually going to reunite with Tatiana.  It's really hard to determine since no one knows where she is.  I have to believe it has to come from her.  She is going to have to a) find his medal in her backpack and b) come across "Orbeli-" and smack her head like she could've had a V8 when she realizes he's still alive. But then what?  Will she call Stepanov and ask him what's going on?  He's the only one she could call, I think.

One thing I keep thinking (OK really just hoping):  Alexander is going to find Pasha.  He escaped the train and joined up and didn't tell his family because he knows they worry.  That's my hope - and then Pasha will also be reunited with Tania.  I know, I know...don't hold my breath.

But seriously - HOW is Tania going to find Alexander?  Better yet, how is Alexander going to find Tania??  Let's say he escapes tomorrow (yeah, right) - where does he go?  Does he go to Helsinki and then to Stockholm and bum around on the docks and ask if anyone has seen her?  It's been months!  And he will have zero clue that she's working at Ellis Island!  Which brings me to my next question:  Will Tania meet someone who knows Alexander at Ellis Island Hospital??  Maybe they'll tell her he isn't dead?  She has mentioned that Soviets never come in; maybe today will be her lucky day?

So these are all the things going through my brain today. Please wear extreme poker faces if you comment!!!

Off to read...I'm about to read about Alexander meeting Dasha and I have full intention of throwing up in my mouth a little bit before the chapter is over.


  1. Wow, you are tearing through T&A, good job! I was the same way. No giveaways here, too much fun to discover it for yourself. Yeah, Alexander is a major badass and I couldn't love Tania more. Enjoy!

  2. through the part about Alexander meeting Dasha. Total throw up moment. Yuck. I HATE thinking about that stuff. And then Tania's memory of Alexander's words to Dasha about never loving her. I can't even take it. It just ticks me off. I cried when Tania talked about putting Anthony on the soldier's chests and imagining putting him on Alexander's chest. I just have a pit in my stomach. Permanently I think.

  3. OK weird I just noticed that mine and Clay's comments are exactly a year to the day apart. How funny is that?