In Reality

SPOILER ALERT:  Do not read unless you've read Tatiana and Alexander.

This was going to be a comment in response to one of Hildy's insightful comments...but instead I figured I'd post it...lest anyone think I am not being fair to Alexander. 

I am so impressed with the realistic way PS brings these characters to life.  In a perfect world (or what I call a "Stepford Book") Shura would have been all "Yey! Tania's here!"  and they would have fought everyone arm in arm and laughed over a Budweiser afterward. 

But in a realistic world - aka a GOOD book - the guy is strung out, a hair away from being a completely broken man...and he's wild with terror that she's going to be hurt/killed - all because of him.  So what does he do?  Lashes out. That's what we all do (or most of us, anyway!)  We take it out on the ones we love.  How many times do I say "Mommy's not mad at you, honey...I'm just frustrated at _____ and that makes me act upset."  Or I skulk around and bang cabinet doors because I'm concerned about something...but it seems to my husband like I'm angry with him.  THAT is reality. THAT is what real people do - whether we mean to or not. 

As much as I abuse Alexander for being less-than-congenial...I totally get the guy.  And luckily for him, so does Tatiana.

PS - I so need to have a chat about this.  We touched on it at the end of Outlander chat on Monday.  The problem is, I'm deathly afraid of spoilers (Hi.  I'm Broken Record.  And you are??) and I'm too afraid of chatting.  But you better BELIEVE I'll set up a chat when I'm finished The Summer Garden. 


  1. I'll def join in the discussion for TSG. Staying out of this so far cause I KNOW how you feel about POSSIBLE spoilers. LOL. But SG is the book to dish about. TBH is the one to cry over, T&A the one to rejoice, and SG will tear you up, break you down, and build you back up again.

  2. Would loooooove a TBH chat! I have so much to say - Carol, you've only seen the tip of my iceberg! lol