I Cannot Even Speak

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you have read 76% of Tatiana and Alexander.

I am going to make this quick because I HAVE to get back to the book.  Holy crap - 76% through the book and they STILL haven't found each other.

But Tatiana is at the farm in Iowa...and she knows about Alexander approaching the American at Colditz.  CRYING FOOL, PARTY OF ME?!?  I am a wreck!!!

When they told Tatia she had a visitor at Ellis Hospital - and it was Sam - oh my god WHAT a moment!!  What a MOVIE moment! That is the type of movie moment that makes you suck in your breath and hold it until you find out what the person who showed up has to say.  What a knight in shining armor.  I just KNEW he'd show up at some point.  Now please...PLEASE...tell me Tania isn't going to do something stupid and go to Russia.

When we thought she was going to go to Europe with the Red Cross, I was really freaked out.  Thank god Paullina didn't make me suffer for more than 2 pages with that little notion.  Nothing else in the book upset me THAT much.  I was ready to strangle Tatia.

OK I really have to go.  SO SAD that Pasha died - totally didn't see that one coming.  Ouspensky could have been a stand up guy and told Alexander what they wanted him to do MUCH earlier on.  I don't know why he didn't.  Thought he'd get his independence and instead he got a big, fat PRISON SENTENCE.  And it really is too bad because he and Alex were friends.  I'm sorry - but, as I said, I loved Ouspensky.  He was so hilarious!

OK running - I'll be back - must READ!!!!!


  1. I am having a blast reading your blog. I just read the whole trilogy for the fourth time....but I hated Ouspensky, I do like that he brings out the smart aleck in Alexander though ;) Wait til you read through the second time, you will love it even more. I cry and laugh harder with each read through!! Keep writing!! :)

  2. Yes - I'm loving this re-read and trying to stay at around the same spot! And, re-reading it reminded me how much I love Ouspensky's dry, sarcastic wit and his repartee with Alexander. And Carol, hopefully you'll finish the book around the same time that The Summer Garden is released - it's so awesome to have another book on hand!

    Rereading this reminded me of how beautiful Paullina Simons' writing is. It's not Outlander, but something about this series lodged in my heart - rereading it has been a (sometimes painful) joy :-)

  3. You are almost there!!! Just finished last night and counting down 6 days:) Jen