SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you have reached page 1 of chapter 1 in "Fortress Pieces" in The Bronze Horseman. 

I just made dinner for my family and feel guilty as sin.  I cannot imagine going through what people went through in Leningrad in 1941.  It is becoming a struggle to read the book because it is just so heartbreaking to watch them starve in such detail.  Hear hear to Paullina Simons for doing such thorough research.

Where exactly do I rank on the HPM (Horrible Person Meter) if I keep wishing a bomb would off Dasha?

When Tatiana made Alexander promise not to break Dasha's heart, I made myself promise not to throw up in my mouth a little.  Then I cried.

I am already going back and seeking out happier times.  Rereading even small parts like Tatiana faking out Alexander in the kitchen and saying "Gotta be quicker than that, Shura" make my heart smile.

I am literally afraid to continue.  That's probably why I'm on this damned computer.

I have barely read any of your comments because I'm too afraid of spoilers.  To me - saying "Alexander looked happy that day" is a spoiler.  I just like to find it all out for myself.

Shannon (from MOP) and I are chapter for chapter (make that percentage for percentage on our damned electronic reading devices) and spent 20 minutes lamenting in my car at school pick up today.

If Alexander ever marries Dasha, I may have to put the book down.



  1. Keep reading! Put Spongebob on NOW.

  2. I'm right up there on the HPM meter too! I loaned my books to a friend at work (then went through withdrawals, but whatever). She and I both agreed that Dasha just needed to die in order to make things easier on everyone, then we looked at each other like we were crazy. Normal people don't wish death on others, even if they're just fictional characters. We justified it by saying we didn't want her to suffer (lol). But Tatia and Alexander NEEEEEED to be together, and damn anyone who interferes!

    That definitely ranks as one of the stranger office conversations I've had.

    Keep going!!

  3. Hi Hildy - I can't find IMDB. No, I can find it, just once I get there what do I do to find the BH comment section?

    And I started the second book! I actually had to cheat. I just couldn't stand it. I "read" (skimmed through) the whole book in one night. But now I'm going back to read each word. I'm glad the third book is coming soon!
    :) Michelle

  4. Oh, I love "gotta be quicker than that, Shura." This was definitely a part in the book where I was so happy to see a moment like this where Tatiana and Alexander could be flirty, young, in love, and playful, and see a twinkle in the eyes of each other!!!

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  6. Hildy- I will try again. Thx for the help! And warnings!
    :) Michelle