Screwed, Party of Alexander?

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you've read Chapter 2, possibly 3 in The Bronze Horseman (this damned Kindle.  Lord knows WHAT page I'm on!) 

What a difference a few chapters make!  Alexander just told Tatiana he's AMERICAN.  Didn't see THAT one coming!  I was expecting maybe France or something...but not Massachusetts!  That, in a word, rules.  I hope he moves her back to the US after all is said and done...and they live in a great, big American house with lots of empty rooms and toilet paper.

I know I'm in for a total roller coaster ride (not sure what will be worse: Dasha or the war)  but Je Suis Prest as we say in Outlanderland.  I am ready!!!

Bottom line - I'm definitely into the book at this point.  But I will say this:  I am more a fan of first person POV.  And I know that's not the cool way to be, from a literary standpoint...but I don't care.  You feel more involved in what's going on when the story is told from the narrator's perspective.  Not only that, these people are babies!  22?!  17?!?  At least under all that pretty, Edward Cullen was 100 years old (give or take a decade).  I could have birthed these characters!  I hope they age!


  1. YIPPPPPPEEEEE!!!! I'm so excited you finally decided to create this blog!!

    Roller coaster? Um, yeah. You could say that.

    Jennifer J.

  2. Yay!! Yay!! Yay!! I've been waiting and hoping for this all day. But I have visitors so I have to go. I'll come back later!

  3. O. M. G.
    You just totally made my whole life! I love you Carol, I truly love you... (excuse me while I go and sniffle a little...)
    Christie H

  4. They are so young, aren't they? In this point in the story though, I think Alexander is quite an old 22 year old. He's been through so much in the last 10 years that it breaks my heart. He's this tough soldier but he's so lost and alone. Then he meets this completely oblivious 17 year old who sits down to sit ice cream as the city is in panic around her. I love how the innocence of Tatiana draws him in immediately and he trusts her with his life.

    It's just so beautiful! I'm such a softie! :)

    I also love how we gradually get to know him through his stories to her on their walks home.

  5. Carol, I'm curious as to what your take is on Dasha and Alexander's past relationship? I remember being so dang confused about it at this point.

    have you seen Paullina's photos of Fifth Soviet on her website (under media)? They are jaw-dropping!! It's scary how I feel I've already been there. She described everything perfectly.

    Too funny!! I emailed Carol about BH before Easter!!

  6. Jennifer, I did see the pictures!! Loved them! I also saw the photos of the summer garden! So perfectly described.

  7. Honestly, Jennifer J - At this point, I kindof feel like he was screwing her brains out. I don't mean to think badly of Alexander - but let's face it, he is 22 years old. If the fruit is being offered - he's going to take it and split the juicy peach (ooooh total DGism!!!)

    Maybe I'm wrong. I still don't know. Can't WAIT to find out!!

  8. Carol, I am SO happy you started this blog! Honestly, this story gets so good so fast.

    I am totally with you on the first person POV but something about how Simons swings it really works. She also alternates deftly between past tense writing (they walked down the street) and present-moment - something I don't think a lot of writers can pull off.

    And Hildy, I am so with you! They are SO young but Alexander is such an old 22.

    Oh, BH Purgatory, hooray! Carol, i'll bet you do end up digging that NYT white nights of St Petersburg (Leningrad!) link now!

  9. Carol,
    thanks for your VIVID reply. I gasped when I was picking out nectarines and peaches today. The produce section will NEVER be the same for me again!!

  10. Hey, I finally started reading TBH and I really like it, but agree, I hope that they age, like in Outlander......