"Married, Stressed and Stark"

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you've read 41% of The Summer Garden.

WHAT a roller coaster ride.  Remember I mentioned that today is my anniversary?  Never  - in all my years - has a line in a book described me more on any given day than "married, stressed and stark" describes me today after reading The Bachelor Party scene.  Only in my situation, "stark" is capitalized. 

And by the way?  I would have gone to the Golden Corral. 


  1. Yep, I would have gone to the Golden Corral too. I love Shura, but he definitely deserved a night of going crazy with jealousy/worry.

  2. I definitely would have gone to the Golden Corral. What I liked though, is that Alexander still got a night of jealousy/worry and Tatiana still got to stay true to who she is. I think she did it right.

  3. You're absolutely right, Hildy. I like how he realizes it the moment she says that she spent the whole evening with her friend at the hospital. He knows that he deserved it (at least I think he does...), but he's also glad that she's still his sweet Tatia. :-)

    (I also like how he notices that she bought a new lace girdle NOT necessarily for him! lol)

  4. Omigod, I kept picturing a girdle as a weird typo or hideous device but after a quick google image search, saw some sexy stuff! Hello Tatiana. She's such a caretaker that it's almost necessary that he be forced to switch roles so that he values her a bit more - valuing her "heroism" in your life because she stormed a concentration camp for your ass is not the same as valuing the day to day effort a woman of this caliber puts into her marriage, you know!

  5. Sirena,
    "valuing the day to day effort a woman of this caliber puts into her marriage".
    I know, I feel like such a lazy-ass compared to her. I always think, "what would Tatiana do?" and I always fall short, of course!

  6. Did not like Alexander roughing her up 1 little bit... hurting her. Kind of wanted her to take a bet to him right there. She is way to good for him... and to him, IMO.