Summer Garden Predictions

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you've read Tatiana and Alexander. 

OK - I was just out with Shannon at a Girls' Night Out for our friend Beth who is also reading The Bronze Horseman (yes, I am responsible for that)...and Nancy...and Mary Kay who will be reading it along with Tracey when they are all finished their current books.  (Nobody puts Baby in the corner...and nobody says "No" to Carol when she's feisty about a book.  I'm way too much of a pain in the ass; it's easier to just give in.)

So Shannon and I are both sad sacks (holy crap, I had no idea that's a WWII term!) since finishing T&A.  We talked a lot tonight about Shura and what a mess he was toward the end because of what he's been through...and how even Tatiana's cheery disposition isn't going to be able to calm his troubled mind.  Shannon thinks being in the US will help.  But I almost wonder if it will make things harder.  Kindof like "I finally got here after all those years of longing and I'm still miserable.

My biggest fear is that Alexander is going to have a hard time bonding with Anthony.  Well, that and that they're going to have a hard time GETTING to Anthony.  But the bonding thing scares me.   Shannon thinks Anthony's going to be older and playing the drums too loudly and Shura's going to go all Charlie Sheen on him.  (Clearly no one is WINNING in that scenario.)

I have to wonder what will bring me to tears in the next book.  Tania was the one who made me cry at every turn in T&A because she was so damned brave - and so longing for Alexander in her new life.  Time was standing still and she was so lost without him.  And yes, he was lost and literally living in hell...but she thought he was dead.  OH and did I mention I LOVED when she told him in not so many words "We're both the only family each other has."  OMG - waterworks.  Tito get me a tissue. 

Sooooo...I am getting restless.  Total withdrawl at this point.  I am in full-on "think of T&A at every turn" mode; anything reminds me of them.  This sign at HOME FRIGGIN DEPOT reminded me of them today.  C'mon...look at the letters!  Throw me a bone.

Also - I bought a new lipstick (well, if you can call tube lip gloss from Bath and Body Works "lipstick") and tonight when I was putting it on, I wondered "What would Shura think of this?"  Not a good sign.  I'm thinking I need to dive into The Summer Garden PDQ.


  1. I LOVE that you took a picture of the sign at Home Depot! That's hilarious!

    Oh Shura...When I first read the end of T&A, I remember thinking, "Alexander, stop being so mean to Tatiana! What's your problem?!" :) It was as if I thought that everything would be perfect once she found him. Then I read it again and felt the panic that must have been in his heart when he saw her. He'd unsuccessfully tried to escape 20 times!! Now his little tadpole of a wife comes in to this hell that he'd tried desperately to save her from. The poor, poor man. He must have been more scared than he'd ever been, and he was weaker than he'd ever been, and yet he had to find his strength. He never thought her plan would work. He didn't have an ounce of hope left. My heart just broke for him through the whole book.

    How hot is Alexander when he's being interrogated?? HELLO!! Loved it.

  2. Tito....**snort**

    Just sit back and enjoy the, you think too much! Ha, j/k! I know it's hard NOT to obsess about this series. I truly feel for you, not having TSG on hand.

    when is Alexander NOT hot? LOL!

    You know what I thought of when Alexander was yelling at Claire, oh, I mean Tania? Yes, can you say Jamie at Wentworth? Yes, yes you can. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. The pain.

  3. Hildy I just posted again about your comments. Started to comment but I was waxing on and on... LOL

    Jennifer J - you are so right. Think, think, think. It's all I do. It's completely debilitating! :)

  4. Carol, I've been thinking about these books for about 16 months. I'm trying to start a new book but I'm sucked back into these again. Each time I pick up these books, I change my opinion about things that happen and have different emotions. Paullina is amazing that way. It leaves me with such an inner struggle though. It can be far too consuming.

    Jennifer J - When is Alexander NOT hot? Hmmm... Nope. Can't think of one time. Not one. LOL. I also loved the picture you painted of you reading TSG.

    We are so going to need a chat when you are finished!

  5. Jennifer J - Okay, maybe he wasn't so hot lying in the dirty straw...

  6. Hildy,
    that truly is the mark of a great novel..........when the characters and story stay with you. Paullina makes you think and feel things you never have before. Honestly, I still ponder certain parts of these books daily. Good or bad............still very human.

  7. So true ladies. It's definitely partly about Alexander's hotness and Tatiana's bravery but it goes so much deeper than that - I think that's what sustains you through the whole series.
    And no matter now difficult their escape from Sachsenhausen was, I love that they still had to pause mid-river and make love! Go T&A!

    But she broke my heart when he was in the bathroom a little too long at the ambassador's house (or wherever that was) and she freaked out - she was so worried about him. And then she still scored him three extra packs of cigarettes to last him the night :-) I think it's a little funny that despite all the trauma Alexander was exhibiting, Tatiana seemed to really catch on to it when she realized he smoked all six packs overnight.

  8. I get that it's Tania and all, but reading that my first impression was Really? You've done it several times now, how about you just get to where the hell you need to be then you can do it till you pass out, ok? And Tania not being able to push herself harder? To get away? Maybe the 1 time I found myself irked at Tania. And just for teh record, I don't particularly find Alexander hot, ok? A good leader... I'd follow him anywhere, but not hot. Now Tania... she is sex on a stick.

  9. LOLL Clay - I am definitely with you! At first I found it mystifying, and should I ever be in that situation I think the terror would be too much to bear, but I think it was Jamie in Outlander that pointed out that being in battle makes one, er, randy.
    Now, as weird as it seems, i'm like, More power to ya. Go at it if you must!

  10. Giggling at the home depot sign. Good one carol!

  11. Agreed, Clay. Shannon and I discussed that at length yesterday. We were like "Come ON Tatia! You really want to stop NOW?! Just get where you're going and you can have all the relaxation, swimming and sex you want then!"

  12. Clay, Clay, Clay, *shaking my head* Alexander is hot. There really is no question. I pictured Henry Cavill as Alexander the whole time I read the books, and he was one sexy man!!

    Yeah, Tatiana was a little frustrating when she wanted to stop so much during their escape.