Monday, June 13, 2011

Remember Orbeli

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read unless you have read 33% of Tatiana and Alexander.

HE MOVED THE PAINTINGS!!!  OH MY GOD!!! Orbeli was the curator at the Hermitage!  Will Tania remember his name?!  Wow.  WOW.  Maybe he's in the US? Maybe he'll show up at Ellis Island?!  Maybe she'll go to a museum and remember the paintings!  Now SHE'S the painting!  Oh this is so exciting!!! 

PS - Dear Dasha, You were a big, fat ho.  Love, Carol


  1. Carol you crack me up!!! Tatianna loved Dasha, I can see there is not love lost when she died on your part huh?:) Just loving this series almost as much as Outlander:) Jen

  2. Learning about how Alexander was always searching for "the one" breaks my heart! And Orbeli - I love how this stayed in Alexander's mind and in his most desperate moment he offers it to her as the one word :-) What a great connection from previous comments (Hildy :-)!

  3. I loved your letter to Dasha!! I think Alexander might need a letter like that too. :) He certainly searched everywhere for 'the one." He was bound to find her. ;-)

    I'm kidding of course. I would NEVER call Alexander big and fat!!

  4. Hildy you are SO RIGHT! I was thinking the same thing. I'm like "What kind of girl-power do I show when I diss Dasha but don't say a word about Alex's over-the-top whoring? Holy cow! "Only one or two, Tania". YEAH RIGHT!!!!

  5. His whoring was out of control. Loved the scenes in T&A though where he is talking about them. Especially the one where he couldn't remember the one's name and then finally calls it out after she leaves "You're Elena!!" That was kind of funny to me. And Dasha --- this may make me a big old b*tch but I thought it just took way too damn long for her to die. There I said it. I know Tania loved her sister, but she gave up way more for Dasha than Dasha EVER would have for her.

  6. Shura sure got around, and I know it wasn't for the lack of cold showers in communist Russia. Couldn't he have taken a night off to read a book or something?

    It's shocking that Tatiana didn't get some nasty STD from him.