My Skivvies Purgatory??

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you've read The Bronze Horseman.

Talked to my neighbor Teresa a little while ago.  I am now living vicariously through her.  In her TBH world, Shura and Tania just celebrated her birthday with dinner on the bench.  Sigh.  If only I'd known just how sweet and innocent things were at that point.  I just gave my typical poker faced answer and said "Ohhhh you're at such a great part.  Keep reading." 

OK so here's someting FUNNY:  Shannon just texted me and said - and I quote:

"When Shura was in BVD's, were they boxers or tighty whities?"

Did you just spit out your lunch?  Because I did.  And what a GREAT question afterall.  She and I are so wrapped up in our pain over T&A and anxiety about our upcoming Summer Garden read that we need to focus on the carefree spots of the novels right now. 

I was envisioning tighty whities while I was reading (can't you see him looking so cute in nothing but those and dog tags with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth?) but I had that niggling feeling it was boxers since Shura is all man.  I have been snooping around online to see if anything talks about what most soldiers wore (giggle - I feel kindof naughty!) but I haven't found anything concrete.  I did find this lovely page of Bulgarian soldiers from the 30s and 40s...oh do enjoy!

So?  Let's hear it.  What's your vote?! 


  1. Omigoodness laughing so hard - you know what, I think in that era tighty whities didn't have any stigma so I could picture Shura in them! He's definitely a function over fashion kind of guy. That said, the Shura I envision wears boxers :-) with his uniform, but nothing underneath Tatia's hand-sewn linen clothes from Lazarevo :-)

    I love the idea of your neighbor being at such an innocent part of the book! Just think Carol you might have missed all this!

    Now it seems less weird to me that after reading these books I actually looked at ticket prices online to experience the white nights of St. Petersburg - which is actually happening right now!

  2. My vote is boxers. Originally when reading I pictured tighty whities then changed to boxers thinking they would be sexier. Oh anything on shura would be sexy.
    Loved how when T&A were in the embassy room Alexander fell asleep naked on top of the bedspread. What a sight!

  3. That's so funny, because I wondered what they looked like myself! I've always imagined they looked something like those swimsuits the Bulgarians are wearing in the pictures. And I always picturing black fabric.

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  5. Now in my History I have a link to Vintage Bulgarians by Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy. Thanks Carol!!! LOL. Those pics are hilarious!

  6. OH MY WORD! Why does your question surprise me????

    Tighty Whities. Definitely........

  7. Tighty whities! Shura can rock anything!! He looks so amazing in them... not like other guys.
    ;) michelle

  8. I kind of pictured a sort of "boxer briefs" kind of thing. When he was in the cell wearing only BVDs, didn't he put his medication in a pocket of some kind? (Pretty he didn't mean the front "pocket"...) When it mentioned pockets, I realized I didn't have a clue what these things looked like. Hmmm...

  9. Pretty "sure", that is! Gotta proofread, Cari...