Dear Caca, Meet the Proverbial Fan. Love, Carol

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you've read 19% of The Summer Garden.


JUST TELL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are making it SO MUCH WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think it's because for Alexander's whole life, people have been taking him away to do their bidding. First his parents, then the Soviets, then the Nazis, then the Soviets. Tania thinks the Americans (HUAC, State Dept., Dept. of Justice, military)will just do the same thing. Maybe put him in prison, maybe deport him back to the USSR. The only time no one can touch him is when she keeps moving him.

    I wouldn't be able to sleep, if I was Tania. That's all I would think about.

  2. Remember when she asked him why he didn't just stay in Lazarevo? He told her that they'd have been running forever - if they weren't caught immediately, which they would have been - and that was no way to live.

    This is no way to live, either, right? God it's killing me the way she keeps it from him and he knows she's not herself.

    I am a "the truth shall set you free" type of person. No matter what the consequences, a lie will eat you up inside. (UNLESS a lie will hurt someone else more than it will help them.)

    It is time to come clean. He has a chance if they contact the Justice Department now. If not - may God be with them.

    Dramatic, party of me? ;)

  3. At least he's starting to feel again instead of locking her out.

  4. Ugh, I KNOW!!!! I guess, in her defense, she's only ever known how things work in the Soviet Union. Still, I would be getting NO sleep at all, and I'd probably be vomitin every 5 minutes. She's going to have to come out with it sooner or later, and it's only going to get worse....

    I do agree with Bonnie's second comment though - he is really starting to come around, and I'm sure that Tania is afraid that if she tells him now, all of that will disappear again.

  5. "vomitin"?? Is that like "quieten"?? ;-)

  6. LOL, Cari! I thought you were just being funny! ;)

    I agree that he's starting to deal with things better, although he always has his own spin on things. You can see that he's coming around, bit by bit.

    I remember yelling at Tatiana (in my head) about just telling him the truth!!! It drove me cuckoo.