Oh No He Isn't!

SPOILER ALERT - Do not read unless you've read chapter 6 in The Bronze Horseman.

Oh. My. GAWD!!!!!  Yesterday, Alexander brought Tania books for her birthday and they had dinner together.  And there were about five gazillion times that you wondered if one of them was going to say something about their feelings.  And when he said "the less you've been out at night, the better I like it"...I almost spat out my coffee and did a cheer I learned in the 7th grade.  He just...what's the right word?  LOVES her so much...and he's so taken by her innocence...like there really is something good and pure in this putrid life he's been dragged into by his selfish parents.  (I don't care that they're dead.  There.  I said it.)

COMMA HOWEVER - today is a whole new ballgame.  Tania gets out of work - and there is Alexander, as usual - and she doesn't even say "What are you doing here?" because it's just sortof a known thing that he's going to wait for her every day.  But boyfriend tells her that he's coming to her house to see Dasha!!!!  What the EFF is with THAT????  "Dasha talked me into coming by tonight"????  Oh come ON Alexander!!  What kind of game are you PLAYIN' homeboy???  Your ass should have DUMPED Dasha the day you met Tania and you KNOW it!!!  No one will believe his holier-than-thou attitude (which right now I find totally endearing) if he's going to be playing both sides with these girls!  They are SISTERS!  If Alexander is as stand-up of a guy as I think he is, he'll end things with Dasha - wait until she finds someone else - and then make his feelings for Tania known to Dasha.  End of story. 

But it's NOT the end of the story, now, is it?  Noooooo it is most certainly not.  Because you can smell what's coming in the air.  Sirens and bombs and searching for one another and Alexander going to the front lines...  Oh no one has to tell me what is coming because it is looming overhead like a giant cumulus cloud that's just hanging over your house, waiting to strike with a massive rainstorm at any moment.  

So for now...we'll just watch as the sisters walk around and have ice cream with Alexander and Dimitri...and Dasha's arm is linked through Alexander's?  Oh I am so angry I could SPIT!!!!!  He should be doing whatever he can to get himself - and Tania - out of the country and on their way to America where they will have disposable toilet cleaners, nightly take-out and big, gas-guggling, American cars!


  1. Sitting on my hands, quietly, so NOT typing 'I told you so, Carol...'

  2. LOL nightly takeout! I mean, i'd move just for some FOOD.
    And I was SO PO'd about Dasha and Alexander. Poor Tatiana! And I love when she just realizes he'll be there at the end of her shift to walk her home :-) Sigh

  3. I'm just DYING to talk to you about everything...but of course I won't. :) Just keep reading!!! It gets better and better.

  4. Alright, Carol. I finally started reading TBH yesterday! So, here I am ready to read the blog right along with it. Can I tell you how relieved I was when I found out that Shura is Alexander? Seriously, after everyone in chat (and elsewhere--I have a lot of friends that love these books)talking about Shura, I was worried that he was someone else and there was gonna be some kind of triangle with Tania, Alexander and Shura. LOL
    And really, why the hell does he keep seeing Dasha?! He pretty much told Tania that he wasn't serious about Dasha. But then Tania tells him that Dasha is serious about him! Is he just staying with her because Tania doesn't want Dasha's heart broken? Sorry, not good enough, Alex!
    Alright, gotta get back to reading...

    1. Ooooh Carla!!! I am so EXCITED you're reading it!! You sound exactly like me when I was reading it! Keep going - it only gets better from here. I am so jealous of your Brozne Horseman Newness!!! :)