Three is Most Definitely a Crowd

SPOILER ALERT:  Do not read unless you have read 41% of The Bronze Horseman on your electronic reading device. 


Tania is sleeping in the same bed with Dasha...and ALEX-effing-ANDER???????????

And we STILL haven't gotten an explanation about WHY HE MOTHER-FREAKIN' PROPOSED!!!!

Christie, WHAT kind of MADNESS have you gotten me INTO, woman?!?!?  Every night I go to bed DEVASTATED over this friggin book!!!!!  I am SICK TO MY STOMACH right now!   Alexander is playing both sides - in the name of LOVE for Tania- and it is NOT OK!!!!!  This is the biggest bunch of BULLSHIT I have ever read in my LIFE!!!!!!

I am LIVID at the thought of Dasha getting up to go to the bathroom and Alexander playing FOOTSIE with Tania!!!  WHAT in the HELL is HAPPENING?!?  My ass would be parked on the roof, BEGGING for a bomb to come and take me out of my MISERY if this was going on in my house.  It's SO EFFED UP, I don't even know if I can READ anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh Carol! Hang in will all come together soon enough I promise. One thing I absolutely love about these books is that they are so real, especially the last book. Paullina doesn't sugar-coat things or make them too easy. It's real life in real situations sometimes horrific but I swear you'll end the series feeling very good about everything!

    Ladies help me out here - we gotta talk Carol down from the ledge! lol

  2. Yes, you can finish the book........then the next one......then the next one. We've all done it. Then we do it again!

    Keep going. Courage, Carol.

  3. Carol, I know you're not reading these... but have a little faith okay? Would your fellow Outlander fans really lead you wrong?

  4. CAROL... I can't believe you called me out like this!

    (must admit... am kinda loving it... how perverted am I?)

    All I can say is this: keep effing reading... promise me you will keep effing reading. Be strong. Just like Tania...


  5. Carol, ( I know you're not reading these either, but...) the gloves are OFF!!!! I need to defend my man, Alexander!


    I know all of this sucks, but when does Tatiana get some blame here? She made him promise to lie with his brave and indifferent face. She has continually pushed him to her sister and now has to live with this. His game of 'footsie' was just a way of saying that "This totally sucks but I haven't lost sight of you." He had to do that because her annoying, PERSISTENT sister was just begging him to marry her, which he had to get his way out of. He has to play this game and DASHA won't stop bugging him.

    Tatiana, Dasha, their family, and communism, need to take up some of the blame.

    Okay, end of rant. :)

    Keep reading!!!

  6. So apparently I'm not finished. :)

    I think I'd rather be in bed with both of them then leave Alexander alone with Dasha, Won't Accept No, Metanova.


  7. Hildy, definitely agree there, Tania has to accept a lot of the blame for her own misery, and this coming from a hardcore Tania fan... maybe more than Claire (gasp!). But... her doing that, being that way, is a lot of what makes Alexander love her so much in the first place, it's who she is. I mean, I think his first thought on seeing her across the road, eating her ice cream, was "I want some of THAT!" But once he talked to her... experienced her... he was done. "Having her" her was not enough... she had to be his, forever.

  8. OK, I very much remember feeling the same way here Carol!

    But I also think that this is where what Alexander is doing is brought into the forefront: if he isn't able to be around Tatiana's family by continuing his relationship with Dasha (crazy, volatile, melodramatic Dasha, who would go crazy if she found out) he wouldn't be able to get the Metanov family the unusually large portion of rations he gets as an officer. And he wouldn't be able to warn little fearless Tatiana to stay of the streets and areas that are being particularly targeted.
    Yes, it's effed up, but Alexander and Tatiana are both paying a heavy price for his continued presence in their home. Simons definitely drives home the point that no one emerges from this way unscathed!

  9. We never said it was going to be an easy road Carol. We only promised you a love for this story like no other! We wouldn't lie to you. Keep the faith Lady. Courage, Carol, courage.

  10. Whooooops - meant to type, emerges from this war unscathed :)

  11. The lows are low and the highs are high. And without the lows you can't fully appreciate the highs. Keep going, Carol!

    I agree with Hildy in that Tania needs to accept some responsibility in this too. Ultimately though, they're both victims of circumstance.

  12. "victims of circumstance" *giggle* Sorry, my family are big Three Stooges fans! :)

  13. Gaaaaaaaa!!! I'm reading this part of the book right now, and I echo everything that Carol wrote in her blog! I'm trusting the rest of you that it will get better. Still.... :-P

  14. When I got to this point, I finally said to me'self ... go see what Carol blogged... it will make you feel better! so, here I am ... and I feel the same way you do! Ugh!!!

  15. I have a lump in my throat the size of Leningrad over this story so far! Can't eat, can't sleep, must continue reading though............. I feel exactly as Carol does and trust everyone's advice that the suffering is worth it! Uggggghhhhh! I can see how the re-reading will be very satisfying. Now, I'm just slogging through in agony!

  16. Thanks Amanda! Glad you found me! And wow - how'd I miss these other comments?? These are from last summer! Gah!! Hi Tara and Ann!