Tatiana's Table

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you've read the entire Bronze Horseman series...and through Voyager in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

Someone on Amazon is selling their copies of Tatiana's Table for $750.00 and $850.00. (Seriously, the only other one available on Amazon is $150 for a paperback; all pre-owned!)

HO-LY COW!!!!!!!!!!   What's IN it?!?  I was thinking Preacher Cookies or Beergaritas...but now I'm thinking maybe Crack Burgers or Cooked Cabbage with a lovely wrinkle-reducing reduction???  Why isn't it available anymore? 

And speaking of Beergaritas...Shannon brought some over last weekend and they were TA-STY!!

Can't wait to hear how Tracey's doing.  Last I heard, she was a chapter into The Summer Garden and liked T&A even better than TBH!  I love how we all differ about the books while loving the series.  I can't say I've picked a favorite.  They all touched me in different ways.

I will tell you this (listen up Outlander fans).  When Tracey finds out about Shura and the big bosomed beotch, she is going to flip her lid.  She threw the book across the room when she found out Jamie married Leghair in Voyager.  I can't IMAGINE what she's going to do when she finds out about THIS!!!


  1. Think I should send Tracey my phone number, Carol? lol

  2. Uhhhhhgggg. Why oh Why must I begin my day with Leghair????? I don't blame Tracey for chucking the book. I did NOT see that coming either. Ugh, I have to go shower now.........

    I'm guessing Paullina was dealt a baaaaad Publisher?? Her books are bloody fantastic, but WHERE ARE THEY?????? I was stuck reading old brown/yellow/musty copies from my library.....and I was glad to have them. (although I had to hold them two feet from my nose at all times) Really, we have a local author (not all that well known, trust me)and you can buy his books on Amazon. Why Paullina's publisher is against making money, I'll never know. What about ebooks? Good grief, no paper, printing, distributing, ???????? Come on already!!

    Alrighty then, I guess I need to calm down now............**deep breath, deep breath, deep breath**

    Carol, do you have your copy of TT yet?

  3. No, Jennifer - that's why I looked into buying it on Amazon. I nearly fell over when I found out it's not available there unless I buy a used copy for $150, $750 or $850! Eight HUNDRED Fifty Dollars! (said like Danny DeVito in Twins? LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFVeHva3Agw)

  4. OH__MY__WORD!!!! You canNOT survive without it!!! PAULLINA, CAROL NEEDS TATIANA'S TABLE!!! NOW!!

    (For those of us who aren't blessed with signed copies from Paullina, I bought mine from Abe Books, but here is another site I found(I have never ordered from them, but you are welcome to try): http://www.abbeys.com.au/book/tatianas-table-tatiana-and-alexanders-life-of-food-and-love.do) Good Luck!!

    Perhaps I'll visit SOMEONE's FB page now and jog her memory........

  5. I have been searching for Tatiana's Table also, with no luck. I have checked a couple of used book stores in my area and have the owners on the hunt for me. One store owner suggested bookfinder.com to me.
    Here is the results of the search for TT for anyone who is interested.


    I believe that the first result is a not yet published version from the UK but the other books are resonable prices from the US. I am in Canada and think that the shipping might be a bit over my price range at this time but I will keep searching.

  6. I ordered my copy of Tatianas Table from "Alibris". It was $41.21 total. Ordered on july 6.
    I have not received it yet. Expected to arrive Aug 7. It's coming from somewhere far far away, I guess! Ha!!
    Hopefully, it will come soon!!!

  7. Michelle - good for you! Right now Alibris has two copies - $220 and $799!!! You got a steal! :)

  8. Oh no! I'm so sorry, Carol. I was hoping to help.

    I can't imagine buying a copy for $800. Or even $200. Seems a bit pricy. Unless there's something hidden inside.... Like in Alexander's book!!!

    I would however pay any price if it came with Alexander, himself! Ha!
    :) Michelle

  9. Awwww thanks JenniferTN. That is very sweet of you. I'll keep you posted. :)

  10. I checked in with Tracey when I was in China and she was not liking Alexander much so far in TSG... I understand completely. but was glad to hear she was still going.

  11. Tracey's not been saying much. I think she is following our mother's "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" credo. So Clay - it sounds like she's told you more than she's told me. She's not a fan of Shura these days, eh? All she told me was that she liked the Coconut Grove section. I suppose we'll be hearing from her when she's finished.

  12. I can't believe those books are selling for that much. I think I paid $4.99 used on Amazon about 2 years ago!

  13. I bought one for $30ish on Alibris, waited a month for it to arrive, and then got an email cancelling the sale :-(((( and suggesting I buy another copy for hundreds. Boo, soooo sad!
    Seriously, where is this book?

  14. Made it past the big bazoom part...to be honest, I felt kinda bad for Shura at that point--nobody deserves to be cheated on, but let's face it--Tania was certainly not making it easy for him at all. What more was he supposed to say besides PLEASE DON'T WORK AT THE HOSPITAL ANYMORE?

    Actually, by that point in the story BOTH of them needed a good smack, a la Cher in Moonstruck.

  15. I agree! I think that whole part just showed how broken Alexander was. Every relationship has hardship and it just showed how strong they were that they literally made it through EVERY option imaginable. Even when it wasn't easy, they had the same goal. They need one another and when Alexander's trauma combined with every day life, they were both given the reality shock they needed to really reassess themselves and become closer. So beautiful...all three parts. All love stories are passionate and exciting like the first 2, but that 3 shows the reality in the love story and let's everyone see their own relationships as how they could be! I'm dying for a TBH discussion! I just finished reading!