Tatiana's Table Come to Life!

Wait until you see this!  Someone made the recipes from Tatiana's Table and reviewed them online on a blog called Tatiana's Table a la Julie and Julia!  The last blog entry was February of 2010...but who cares! There are a ton of dishes there!

I must admit, upon stumbling upon this blog I got my dander up for Paullina, thinking "She can't post those recipes onlineThat's copyright infringement!"...until I realized the recipes are NOT posted - just the reviews.  Complete with PHOTOS! 

Look at THIS!  Lazy Cabbage!


  1. MMM That looks very good to me!

  2. I did find this:

    I haven't made either yet...........but I will.

    I think Paullina is on holidays. I found this on her TWITTER : http://hpstm.tc/p/tfzb

  3. What a neat find! Downside: the blogger didna appear to much enjoy the recipes in the book! I still want it (it's so much more even than recipes) and still feel sad when I think of the cabbage recipes Tatiana never cooked in their arizona years :-)