My Purgatory Dot Com

Just wanted to fill y'all in on what's happening with the new website.  I've created so many blogs, I wanted to combine them all in one place.  I also wanted somewhere to talk about non-Bronze Horseman True Blood...Game of Thrones...celeb gossip and the like.  Tracey and I will be making some videos that we hope will have you laughing your ass off or (hopefully not) running screaming from your computer!

Thus - is now live.  

The blogs will all remain at their own addresses - ie - - but they will also now be housed in one place over at mypurgatory.

I want to throw a massive THANK YOU out to an awesome guy named Stephen who selflessly gave me the domain "".  I also want to point out that he has the COOLEST Etsy store called Steampunk Movement Studio and I would love it if you'd check it out!

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