A Book For Shannon

OK Y'all...Shannon is at my house and desperately needs a new book...preferably a series. She's into historical romance (accent on the romance!)

I know you guys have made suggestions...but if you wouldn't mind doing it again, I'd appreciate it.

She has already ready the Into the Wilderness series as well as Twilight, The Bronze Horseman...and of course, Outlander. And she just finished The Winter Sea.

Thanks all - I appreciate it!

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  1. I bought The Blue Bells of Scotland which is supposed to be great - have her take a look on Amazon and read some reviews. I plan to read it myself soon.

  2. I really loved the Blue Bells of Scotland. It is a really good, fun read!
    I'm guessing she's already read Ciji Ware's historical romance books - Island of the Swans, and Cottage by the Sea (present era plus historical combined) - I really liked both books.
    Since Twi is in the mix, I think the Hunger Games series is worth checking out - loved them!
    In the historical vein, I also loved The Aviary Gate and The Pindar Diamond - happy reading Shannon!!!

  3. Thanks girls, I have heard of these. I ll check them out.

  4. Loved "Through A Glass Darkly" by Karleen Koen I think??
    Great book. And Elizabeth Chadwick books.

    1. How about the bottechelli secret and the glassblower of murano. Fantastically written. Delightful.

  5. Hi All, Have just finished reading the prequel to the Alexander and Tatiana series. So So sad it's all over. oh Harry Barrington!!!!! Some advice on what to go to next please. No one seems of mention any of Paullina Simon's other books. Have done Twilight and Fifty. Should I do Outlander???