Tatiana's Table Baking Day

LOOK HOW CUTE Tonya and Donna are on their (first annual??) Tatiana's Table Baking Day!  I love it!!!  And let me tell you...  I am lucky enough to have tasted Tonya's AMAZING cupcakes; these two are SERIOUS bakers!


  1. I am so pissed that I left early and didn't get to eat those cupcakes in VA!!!!!! Ladies - I've already said it looks AWESOME!!!!! Enjoyed the updates throughout the day!!!! Bon appetite....

    Julie (CT)

  2. How did I miss this? So I see the Mac and Cheese, cookies, and I assume that's the bread she made everyday. What's in the pot? We make the Mac and Cheese in the winter... getting to be about that time of year again... and have made cabbage pie, blinchiki, and borscht. All fantastic. And of course beergaritas. A Coons (and Haffner) favorite!