Children of Liberty

Paullina's new book, Children of Liberty comes out in the fall of 2012.

What's it about?

Two words:  SHURA'S PARENTS!

Not in Leningrad.  Oh noooo.  This one tells the story of when they first met and continues on from there.

I have the same feeling I had before reading A Song in the Daylight.  I MUST read it.  But I am TERRIFIED.

Let me tell you a little something about Paullina Simons:  She knows how to do angst RIGHT.  She will have  you staring out the window for weeks after you finish the book...thinking and rethinking it through until your eyes ache because you forgot to blink.

In short:  I CAN'T WAIT!!!


  1. This might be hard to read since we already know how it ends for them....could be too depressing for me; I tend to like Hollywood endings. I am still praying for a sequel to ASITD where the ending we thought happened, did not - like maybe there was a rescue.

  2. Have finished Children of Liberty. No spoilers here....! Took me only 2 days to read. So short. I so so so want to talk about it with someone... please get hold of it and read it soon. Paullina arrives in Australia in less than a month yaahoo!!!!

  3. I just finished reading Children of Liberty..... I am game to talk about it.....Deborah

  4. Did you enjoy it? If you were reading the books for the first time would you start with Children of Liberty or The Bronze Horseman? It wasn't a very big read this time - certainly compared with the first three. Did you keep seeing similarities between characters in the trilogy and the prequel? Not necessarily the blood relative either.

  5. I did like it. It was an easy read. I expected more though. I did not imagine she would end the book where she did. I think if you read first the children of liberty without knowing about the trilogy, then it would not connect because she leaves it right at the beginning of their marriage life. I enjoyed seeing Esther as a young girl and then comparing it as an old lady in the trilogy.