Tatiana's Table: A Man's Perspective

If you are looking for the greatest tribute to Paullina Simons and The Bronze Horseman series, look no further.  My good bud, Clay has posted the most fantastic account on his blog "Engineered for Life" of not only his travels in Russia, but also his love of the Bronze Horseman series and his recipe testing with Tatiana's Table (which comes complete with photos of him traveling with it around the globe!)

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  1. First of all, I totally love how much Clay loves these books, and Tatiana. :) It's good to have a man's perspective. My husband read the first 3 pages of TBH and can't move forward because he gets stuck making fun of all of the nicknames. Then I just took the book away and told him to not bother.

    I also can't even believe that Clay carted the book around the world and took some pictures. I LOVE THAT!!!! I can't wait to get my book back though. I think it's been off on its own adventure for about 6 months now. I think I'm envious of my own book. :)